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you need a shower repair

After a long morning or a particularly brutal workout, the best reward is a hot, cleansing shower without any interruptions. If you love your ritual showers, but have not been enjoying them lately because you need a shower repair, we want to help here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland! We take care of all sorts of common shower repair issues, but here are three should be looked at immediately.

  1. Clogged shower drains– When you have a clogged shower drain, the water usually starts to pool around your feet, making for a less-than-pleasant showering experience. Not only is this pool of your old soapy water an unpleasant experience, but it can also be damaging to your pipes. Clogs in your drains need to be cleared for more reasons than the backup of water — the extra weight and pressure put on your pipes can actually be damaging.
  2. Poor water pressure– If rinsing your hair takes 10 minutes because the water pressure is too low to do it any faster, you need a water pressure fix quickly! Poor water pressure can be a sign of other problems along your plumbing system and should be checked out.
  3. Inconsistent temperatures– Inconsistent temperatures are usually due to poor or old plumbing that doesn’t distribute water evenly. Not only is this super annoying to go from warm to icy, but it can actually be dangerous if it goes from warm to scalding hot.

If you have issues that sound like those above in your shower, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland today for information on your shower repair.