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GenX Contamination

In 2010, the chemical GenX, which is a trade name for this chemical structure, became an alternative to perfluorooctanoic acid, otherwise known as Teflon. As a result, it started being used to produce many products, like firefighting foam, non-stick pans, and common outdoor fabrics.

While helpful for production purposes, GenX is known to be toxic, and once exposed, it remains persistent in the environment. Simply put, this means that this chemical doesn’t break down over time and can contaminate water even when existing far away from its original source.

What’s even more concerning is that even though GenX contamination is becoming more common, the Environmental Protection Agency has yet to impose regulatory limits. Additionally, municipalities do not have to test for GenX and other chemicals like it in their water.

If you live anywhere in North Carolina, you may be particularly concerned about GenX contamination because a company called Chemours produces this chemical at a plant in Fayetteville. Discharge from this particular plant contaminates the Cape Fear watershed and threatens the water supply throughout much of the state.

If you have concerns about GenX contamination in your home, call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland for further information about filtering the water your family uses and drinks. We can supply you with an effective filter that fights GenX contamination and ensures the water in your home is clean and pure. Contact us today to find out more!