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You generally can’t do much about water pressure coming into your home from your municipal water provider or even a residential well system, but did you know that other things affect water pressure as well? There are a number of plumbing repair issues that can be to blame for reduced water pressure.

If your home has never had really satisfactory water pressure, it could have been built improperly to begin with. If the service line from your home to the main water line is not the proper size for your home, you won’t get the pressure you want. This is something that can be resolved with plumbing repair, however. If the problem is too many homes on the main or an improper elevation of your home in relationship to the main, this fix is far more challenging and may be impossible to rectify, unfortunately.

As for the things that are more easily corrected, a plumber can check for things such as a broken pipe, blocked or semi-clogged pipe, clogged filter, clogged faucet aerator, a leak in the plumbing somewhere, or a water heater that is full of sediment that could be reducing the water pressure. They can also get a reading on the water pressure to tell you if it is within the normal range of 45 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). It is a good idea to have the water pressure checked occasionally because low pressure can be more than just annoying. Some appliances need a minimum pressure to operate properly. In addition, high water pressure (above 80 psi) can damage fixtures, seals, pipes, and plumbing joints.

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