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Plumbing Repair
You read up about the different ways you can fix your own plumbing online, you bought the necessary tools, and you’re ready to tackle your plumbing problem head-on. You’re going to show that leaky faucet, clogged toilet, broken drain, [insert other plumbing problems here] who’s the boss! As you lay out your assortment of plumbing tools and get to work, you suddenly find that the job is more complicated than you thought. What was a drip is now a steady stream of water. You can’t get ahead of the problem as it quickly gets out of hand. What now?!

Fortunately, there are a few important steps you can take when you have a DIY plumbing repair fail that will help you gain control of your plumbing:

  1. Turn Off the Water – With any type of plumbing repair, large or small, the first thing you’ll want to do is turn off the water. Especially in the case where water is spewing everywhere, turning off the main water line will help stop the flow of water long enough to catch your breath.
  2. Remove Any Belongings – The next thing you’ll want to do if you didn’t already is remove any of your personal belongings that were in the space. For example, clean out from underneath the kitchen sink, pick up any bathroom supplies that have gotten wet, and otherwise clear the area.
  3. Don’t Continue to Work – The water is turned off now, so surely you can continue the plumbing repair, right? It’s probably best not to. Not only might it be unclear what the real problem is, but you could potentially cause more damage to your property and the plumbing.
  4. Call Our Team – The best thing you can do with a failed DIY plumbing repair is to call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Inc. – Leland, and we’ll provide emergency services right away. Then you can be sure that your plumbing is in good shape and there won’t be more unexpected problems down the line.