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Tub Repair

There is a good chance that your bathtub sees use every single day from multiple family members. So, what do you do when you notice a problem with the tub, like a crack in the side? Should you try to find a simple solution, or just leave the crack alone and hope it doesn’t get worse?

Needing tub repair can be an overwhelming problem because you want to be sure your bathroom isn’t going to be out of commission for a long time. Ignoring a tub repair, however, could lead to many problems in your bathroom, most of which you may not even be able to see until it’s too late.

Let’s explore the scenario in which you have a crack in the side of your tub. This could be porcelain, fiberglass, or even in the tile wall surround. As you continue to use your tub on a daily basis, water seeps into the crack, leading to a moisture issue underneath the tub itself. While this may not seem like a major concern at first, this little bit of moisture can lead to mildew and mold growth. As the mold problem continues, the area underneath your tub could begin to draw moisture and eventually break down. Eventually, in this worst-case scenario, you may end up needing to replace your tub or do an entire bathroom renovation to resolve the problem.

The good news is that most tub repair jobs can be easily solved by calling in a professional plumber to fill and seal any cracks. The plumber can also check your faucet and drain to make sure there are no underlying problems that might cause you to have unwanted moisture control issues in your bathroom. Most importantly, don’t wait to call for tub repair when you notice any type of problem!

If you have questions about a tub repair or believe you need tub sealing to keep your bathtub working its best, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, Inc. – Leland. We guarantee your satisfaction!