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Plumbing Services in Wilmington, North Carolina

The kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room are all areas where diligence can keep you from experiencing water damage. The most common place to experience heavy damage, however, is the laundry room. When something goes wrong in this room, the result is a huge amount of water, so it makes sense to consider preventative steps. Here are some ways in which utilizing plumbing services could save you from costly water damage:

  1. Inspections – Plumbing services can include a complete inspection of water lines and drains to be sure there aren’t any signs of an impending problem. Of course, sometimes things simply fail and there isn’t anything that can be done about that, but there are flood-prevention devices that can be incorporated to minimize the effect.
  2. Install Shut-off Valves – Most homes are built with these in all water supply areas, but if your home wasn’t equipped with a valve that is easily reached, plumbing services can rectify this problem. It is also a good idea to only do laundry when someone will be home to keep an eye on things in order to shut off the water if need be.
  3. Water Heater – Many laundry rooms are near the location of the home’s water heater. If this is the case in your home, it is extra important to have your water heater checked out and serviced regularly to avoid water damage in your home’s laundry room.

If you are concerned that your home’s laundry room could be flooded and want to have the peace of mind that inspection and upgraded plumbing services can afford you, give us a call today.