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When you need plumbing services, it’s pretty easy to pick anyone off of an internet search who looks like an experienced professional. However, if you do your research, finding a professional who is a licensed plumber is a little different than someone with a nice website and some experience. Before you settle for the first plumber you come across, do a little fact checking to make sure your plumbing needs are handled by someone with the right credentials.

Three Reasons You Should Always Hire a Licensed Plumber

  • Licensed PlumberQuality Workmanship – While you may find that a plumber who isn’t licensed charges a cheaper price, cheaper isn’t always better. A licensed plumber will know about the bells and whistles associated with a variety of plumbing concerns and can be clear with you about what steps need to be taken.
  • Experienced Professionals – Did you know licensed plumbers in the Wilmington area are held accountable by the state of North Carolina? That means if there are consumer complaints, or if a plumber operates outside his area of expertise, he can have his license suspended or revoked. A licensed plumber takes his job seriously and will know when to refer you to someone else if he is not equipped to handle the job.
  • Protected Property & Water – Anyone who claims to be a plumber but who operates outside of their area of expertise puts your home and your neighborhood at risk. A licensed plumber knows that the steps they take during plumbing services maintain the integrity of your property and protect the water source for your home and the community.

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