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Toilet Repair in Wilmington, North Carolina
It might surprise you how many homeowners face constant toilet repair issues because they confuse a toilet with a trash can. It may be tempting to flush anything you think will fit down the trap, but you should definitely think twice about flushing anything but toilet paper and human waste. Here is a list of things many plumbers have pulled out of clogged toilets and drains – it might just surprise you!

1.Gum – Remember how your parents told you not to swallow your gum or it could get stuck inside you? We’re not sure that is the case, but it can definitely get hung up in your home’s drain lines.

2.Soaps – Soaps clean things, right? In theory, that is true. However, too much creates a residue which other things can get stuck to your drains and develop into a clog over time.

3.Medications – While these are unlikely to cause the need for toilet repair – unless, of course, you flush bottle and all – but they are terrible for potentially creating a toxic issue in groundwater. Instead, take them to a pharmacy or other disposal site for leftover medications.

4.Flushable Products – Don’t fool yourself — these do not decompose as the manufacturers would have you believe.

5.Rubber Products – Never flush rubber bands, balloons, rubber gloves or condoms; they never break down and will cause a blockage quite easily.

6.Dental Floss – It won’t break down and those tangles can turn into big clogs pretty quickly.

7.Toys – Teach your children that the toilet is not a safe place to play and that there are better ways to pretend swim with their dolls and other toys.

This is by no means a complete list of things not to flush to avoid toilet repair, and we know that sometimes accidents happen and something gets flushed that you never meant to happen. If you are having trouble with your toilet and need help, give us a call! We will be happy to assess the problem and provide quality toilet repair to get things moving again.