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Did you know that even though the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates the safety of our drinking water in the U.S., there can still be harsh chemicals and hazardous materials lurking in our water? From pollution to standard contaminants that enter the water as it travels from the source to your home, there are a variety of ways your water can become a risk rather than a reward.

When Choosing Water Filters, Take These 3 Important Steps

One option that many homeowners enjoy rather than wondering about the quality of their water is using water filters to help remove contaminants and make their water look, smell, and taste better. But how do you choose the water filters and filtration system that will give you the best results? Here are a few important steps to take so you feel confident your water filters are the right ones for your home.

  1. Water FiltersHow’s the Water?  – Every person’s home will test a little bit differently against the EPA’s standards for water safety. If you are on public utilities or have well water, the list of contaminants and their risk factors will be different. Make sure to take a quick test, check with the EPA, or try to determine what is actually in your water before purchasing water filters for your home.
  2. Water Filters Everywhere – When it comes to water filters, there are a million and one types of them. From individual bottles to home water pitchers and filters you install on your plumbing, there are enough water filter choices to make anyone confused about what to purchase! The good news is that after you’ve done some research, you’ll know which water filters will serve you best. For example, if you don’t really have many contaminants, but your water includes the chemicals from the local treatment plant, you may simply want a water filter that removes the chemicals and doesn’t filter for other items. Reading the labels on different water filters will tell you if they will remove the contaminants you are most concerned about.
  3. Conservation – Water filters offer a great solution when you would like to ensure that your family is drinking water that is safe and as free of hazards as possible. It’s important to note that awareness of your water usage, avoiding drinking bottled water, and finding ways to recycle and properly dispose of your water filters will help with water conservation and environmental awareness efforts going forward.

If you have questions about water filters, or if you would like a water filtration system installed, contact us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.