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We don’t squander your time when taking care of faucet repair at your Wilmington home.

Faucet Repair in Wilmington, North Carolina
You may not realize just how much you depend on the faucets in your Wilmington, North Carolina home until you suddenly find yourself needing faucet repair. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland, we understand that going without the bathroom faucet, especially during morning routines, is far from convenient. Having water spray you in the face every time you try to do the dishes isn’t exactly pleasant, either. That is why we are particularly punctual when it comes to faucet repair calls.

We back up our punctuality promise with a $5-per-minute discount, up to $300, if we are late to arrive for any reason. We aren’t just fast when it comes to faucet repair– we’re efficient and professional. All our technicians are in uniform, and we only hire plumbers who pass both background and drug tests. All employees are trained and instructed to always give you all the options for your faucet repair, along with upfront, straightforward pricing, before they get started with the faucet repair. This puts you in the driver’s seat. You’ll be able to decide if faucet repair makes sense or if a replacement faucet is the better option.

You can count on the honesty and integrity of a company named for such a solid citizen of early American history. That goes for faucet repair or any of our other home plumbing services. Need us for an emergency? With 24/7 response, your needs are handled pronto! To quote Benjamin Franklin, “You may delay, but time will not.” He didn’t believe in squandering time, and we don’t either. Contact us today to learn more!



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