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Local Plumbers, Wilmington, NC

Other local plumbers in the Wilmington area cannot compete with our solid reputation and service.

Local Plumbers in Wilmington, North Carolina
Have you ever wondered how to tell local plumbers apart from one another? When we decided to start Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Inc. – Leland back in 1999, we took a good look at the local plumbers that Wilmington, North Carolina homeowners had to choose from and realized there were a number of ways in which we could do things better.

First, we looked to the sound character of one of America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, and made him a bit of a role model that we could use for structuring all we do. We considered his propensity for not squandering time and his philosophies about life and the virtues to live by. They all made sense as the perfect platform for any business, and as such, one that local plumbers should be following, as well.

As for not squandering time, we hold ourselves as the “Punctual Plumber”, and we back that up with a discount of $5 for each minute we are late, up to $300. This shows you that we respect you and your time. Sincerity was one of the important virtues that Mr. Franklin held in esteem, and we follow it by providing upfront, straightforward pricing and communicating all potential options, so you can make an educated decision about how to proceed. Sometimes that means going with a repair, and other times replacement of a plumbing fixture makes more sense. Our uniformed technicians also follow the virtue of cleanliness by never leaving behind a mess for you to clean up.

Other local plumbers may do a great job at taking care of your plumbing issue, but we’re the ones that follow a strict code. Give us a call and see how much of a difference that makes!

Local Plumbers in Leland, NC
Local Plumbers in Wrightsboro, NC